One of the more difficult things for most artists to do is scan or photograph their original art pieces for print. Almost every artist today wants to offer print versions of their original art pieces, be it a painting, drawing, watercolor, or other media that would look good in print form.

We offer this service to artists and have recently expanded this part of our services. We now employ experts in this field who have been reproducing original art to print for years.

First we scan the original.
Your original piece will be scanned or photographed and a color-corrected high-resolution digital file will be created, along with a paper print sample. These digital files are of very high quality and reproduce the subtle colors of your original. This digital file can be printed in various sizes as many times as an artist wants.

Second we print your final art print.
For the final print, Ricky Evans uses the finest technology, canvases, papers, and software to create the fine art prints. We have also acquired a large format 12-ink Epson printer which is capable of producing very fine detail and color. We do all the printing right here in our gallery and examine every piece for quality.


Example of an oil painting and print side by side. Oil painting by Lisa Strazza
Original art v Print