Original Art & Print Art

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Ricky Evans Art Gallery offers both Original Art and Fine Art Prints.

When you walk into Ricky Evans Art Gallery you will see a lot of original art on our walls. You’ll see fine original oil paintings, watercolors, and pen and ink pieces by accomplished artists in our region, all of which we are proud to show in our gallery.

You will also discover that most of the original art you see here is available as a fine art print- also known as a Giclée.

Today, most artists offer prints of their work, and we work hand in hand with all of our artists to make sure that our customers have a choice.

So, if you find an original piece on our walls that you love, you can purchase that original, or, if you like, a fine print of the original.

Original vs Print? It all depends on your needs, likes, space and budget.

We personally print most of our art prints, and they are of the highest quality. We use the newest printer technology, fine papers and canvas, along with our newly acquired Epson large format 12 ink fine art printer. This printer produces exceptional color and detail.

The next time you come into the gallery please ask us about any piece of art you see and like, and we’ll help you with any questions you may have.


Here below, an original oil painting and a fine canvas print side by side. Painting by Lisa Strazza.
Original art v Print